Why You Need To Talk About Your Credit Score

As we all know our FICO Credit Score is the heart beat of our financial life. And it seems a bit humorous to me how people are not as tight lipped about where they are with their credit standing.

Remember the days when nobody spoke about their credit? Where it was almost taboo? I’m finding that’s no longer the case. Today you may have someone say ‘man I have a foreclosure on my credit report’, and the person they are speaking to may rebut with ‘c’mon that’s nothing! Not only do I have a foreclosure, but I can one up you with a tax lien and 8 charge offs. It does seem a bit funny when you read that, but it is a sad reality.

The reality of the past 4-5 years is that this great country of ours went through some very tough times. Banks were not lending and frankly nobody cared about what their credit score was. Now the reality of today is banks are beginning to lend again and good people who went through the tough times are not able to borrow money on credit due to their credit standing.

My advice is to get professional help. There are attorneys and companies out there to help individuals with tarnished credit to restore their score. Just make sure they are seasoned, have a good standing with both local and state laws (check their score with the Better Business Bureau) and have a real live person to speak to. If they have a credit coach for you that’s more of a bonus!

We tell people you can do one of two things when you are in a situation where you might be faced with bad credit. You can stick your head in the sand and wake up a year from now with the same sub par credit. Or you can hire a professional to analyze and put you in the right direction. There are laws these credit agencies have to follow and every second they are basically breaking them. Do something about this and hold the agencies accountable for their mistakes that are costing you hundreds of thousands of your hard earned dollar.

The United States is a country of second chances and by restoring your credit it will give you just that.

My hope is that talking about credit will go back to being more of a personal thing and maybe even taboo.