Benefit of Consolidated Loans

Bankruptcy should never be an option for people. As long as you have a steady income and determination to succeed over a financial crisis, there is really no need to file for bankruptcy. Consumers should be aware of their spending habits and allocate their budget wisely. With careful planning and regular meetings with a financial adviser, individuals will surely avoid getting into debts and the dreaded status of bankruptcy.

Being in debt for a long time is not exactly the perfect scenario for everybody. Debts will entail risks in financial stability and feed you worries that keep nagging in the back of your mind. Debts will just multiply if you keep on delaying the payments longer. People should be smart and responsible enough to save and pay on time for the things that they have purchased. It would truly defeat the purpose of credit cards, which is to give the consumer time to gather their financial resources and pay the minimum amount every month, depending on the chosen installment scheme. Running away will only make matters worse.

In truth, escaping debts will not be easy but it is achievable for people who are willing to commit themselves to improve. There are debt help companies in your locality who are certified in providing settlement services for people in financial need. These companies will provide the debtor with representation during negotiations with the creditors and make sure to work out an advantage for their clients. They have different settlement strategies that could result to a suitable payment scheme that will reduce the payments as well as give ample time for their clients to regain financial stability. Their services are indeed blessings for people who have damaged credit reports and those who are on their way to filing for bankruptcy.

One of the most efficient strategies is to combine all the debtor’s credit debts and loans into a single loan, called a consolidate loan. The consolidated loan can either be secured and unsecured, depending on the lender’s choice. The merging of all the debts will result to a big amount but will decrease the interest rates sufficiently. You will notice that you are indeed paying less with a consolidated loan as compared to giving separate payments to different creditors.

When you consolidate all your debts and loans, you will be able to pay your old loans in a much lower rate. This will help debtors regain their finances easily without worrying about the numerous debts monthly. After paying off the debts, the debtors will still owe the new lender for their consolidated loans. With the help of the debt help companies, they can pay the remaining balance easily by asking for a time extension. This is a good way to allocate your budget and establish financial stability in the long run.

To consolidate loans is a top advice from financial advisers. It works perfectly if the debtors have a number of secured and unsecured debts to take care of, most especially if they have good credit report. Always review your credit report before proceeding to consolidate all your debts and loans.

Why You Need Debt Counseling

Having credit card debts can be a sign that an individual is succumbing to the temptation of excessive spending. Credit cards are known to provide people the buying power and have them pay their little luxuries in minimum monthly payments. While this strategy is popular in today’s consumerism-centered world, people can not help but think of the days where everything should be paid in cash, helping them steer away from unnecessary purchases and avoid incurring debts that can threaten their financial stability.

Consumers who have outstanding credit card debts have many options to solve their financial problems. The rise of debt relief companies in almost every state in the US has made financial assistance accessible to anyone everywhere. These companies aim to provide settlement assistance to people who are drowning in payments and can not maintain their monthly dues anymore. In a nutshell, these agencies help reduce debts and negotiate a good payment scheme in favor of the debtors.

One of the services they offer is credit debt counseling. This process involves negotiations with the creditors to generate a possible payment scheme that can be paid off in two to four years, depending on the income figures of the debtors. If ever the creditor sees that the debtor is indeed capable of getting over the debts after evaluating their finances, there is a chance for the debts to be lowered, and late fees & interest rates cancelled to make the strategy possible. This process is definitely an easy strategy if the credit card company is willing to listen and help their clients.

Credit debt counseling will also stop further temptation of buying, by cutting off the credit card power until the debts are paid off. Although it seems unfair to the consumers’ part; however, they should see that the strategy works for the better. The loss of credit card power will eventually help consumers realize their purchasing mistakes and get them to focus on the necessities only. The scheme would also help them allocate their budget responsibly, so they could answer the needs of the family, as well as pay off debts on time. It will undoubtedly be hard for them but they should take this as a challenge to prove that they can overcome their financial crisis.

Credit debt counseling could also affect your credit rating, depending on the varied policies of credit card companies. If you are lucky to be paying the debts on time, your credit report can show a positive rating. Having good ratings will help consumers apply for good bank accounts in the future, and will ensure lower interest rates if ever he or she decides to apply for a loan. If ever there is a reduction in your payments to help you cope up, then there is a possibility of seeing a negative score.

Credit card counselors aim to assist consumers in reducing debts and learning budget management skills that are crucial in this age of consumerism. Being smart in finances will help consumers, especially the ones with families, in dealing with financial crises and regaining financial stability as soon as possible.


Free Credit Report is Possible

The majority of the banks report to the Credit Bureau all the information about a certain client, whether we are talking about positive or negative aspects. However, while the positive records don’t affect the capacity of the client to obtain a new credit, the negative records are considered by the banks a major inconvenience for this initiative.

Obtaining the free credit report directly from the Credit Bureau

If you want your free credit report from the Credit Bureau, you will have to file an inquiry to the Bureau. You will also need a copy of your national ID. If you are enquiring for the first time during a year, you won’t have to pay for the service. However, the second inquiry must be paid, and you will also need to attach the prove of payment in this case.

The documents can be sent by mail to the address of the Bureau, or by email. You will need to scan all the documents before sending them. Make sure to attach all the required papers. The answer should arrive on the same e-mail address after one or two working days. You also have the possibility to bring the papers personally to the box office of the Credit Bureau in your city, but you will need to find out the address of the respective mailbox.

The answer has the form of the credit report, and it contains all the needed information about the credits and cards owned by the respective person. All the credits and credit cards are stated there, and the report must also have your name on it.

Obtaining the free credit report from the bank

If you are applying for a credit or a credit card to a bank, you will also have to complete an agreement. This agreement allows the bank to file an enquiry to the Credit Bureau in your name, and this free credit report is also available for you. Just sign the agreement, wait for the bank to obtain the credit report and ask them for a copy. Remember that you are allowed to see it! Because of some unknown reason, some banks would refuse to give this credit report to you. You will just need to remember them about the Private Data Processing Act, and they should give you the report.

What should you do with the free credit report

If you want to apply for a credit to different banks, having the free credit report could save you some time. Just take a copy of the report from the first bank, and bring it with you to the next bank where you are applying for the credit. This way, the second bank could skip this step, so they could tell you from the first visit if you are qualified for a credit or not. However, this document is only available 15 days from the date of issuing, so you would need a second enquiry if this period passes.

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All About High Risk Merchant Services

Offering your customers the option to pay via credit card is crucial for your business. Especially in case of online businesses, card payment is the only option customers have. Third party agencies offer merchant processing services that include credit card processing to businesses. But herein lies the catch. While everyone is willing to support low risk businesses, businesses that are risk do not get as much support from merchant service providers to help them open a merchant account.

They are offered only by specialized service providers.

Are You a High Risk Merchant?

You qualify for this services if your business is categorized as a high risk business. The online businesses that come under this category typically include those in the following areas- adult entertainment sites, those related to health and beauty such as websites selling weight loss, skin care, muscle enhancing and other similar products including nutritional and beauty supplements. Detective services, online dating sites, lotteries sites, sports consulting sites etc are some other examples of this businesses. These businesses are inherently risk for obvious reasons.

This type of merchant services are also required for high volume businesses, because these are more susceptible to credit card fraud. Small companies with low volume sales are also considered because they cannot afford the necessary fraud screening tools.

The individual business/ business owner characteristics are also important. Businesses not accredited with the local business bodies, those with poor/inconsistent credit histories, or where the business or the owner has been blacklisted due to any reason are considered high risk.

If you are a merchant, you will find it difficult to get a merchant account, which is crucial to enable credit card transactions. Hence you need the assistance of merchant service providers who especially cater to the needs of these type of merchants.

High Risk Merchant Services – What You can Expect

These type of merchant account providers charge enormous fees for their services. Merchant service fees are way higher than those charged for regular businesses.

For setting up a regular merchant account, often the set up fees are negligible or even nil. In case of these type of merchant accounts, your high fees start right from this point and include very high processing fees.

However, considering that enabling payment by credit card is crucial to the success of your business, you have no choice but to give in to the demands of merchant service providers. But as always, you must choose your service provider wisely and make sure you are not being taken for a ride.

How to Choose a High Risk Merchant Services Provider

Ask around and choose a provider with well established reputation in the field and who is well spoken of for the range and quality of services offered.

Choose someone who caters to your specific needs. For instance, depending on the nature of your business, you may require 24×7 support.

Insist on a breakdown of the fees and don’t sign up unless you are convinced about the fee structure.